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The Hard Question with Blanquita Cullum, featuring Jeff Zucker CEO and co-founder of MyDirectives

“The goal is for people to live with confidence, so if you’re ever in a health crisis someone is going to know someone about you and . That is who speaks for you if you can’t speak for yourself, and more simply what are your goals for care.” – Jeff Zucker, CEO and co-founder of MyDirectives on The Hard Question with Blanquita Cullum

Louie B Free Show with Jeff Zucker and Dr. Brian Yeaman

“We’re really giving a user friendly experience at MyDirectives for people to answer questions that mean something to them to get better care in the future if you’re ever in a crisis.” – Jeff Zucker, CEO and co-founder of MyDirectives  on the Louie B Free Show

Who Will Look Out For You?

There are plenty of times in life when we can’t look out for ourselves.

When we’re very young, we need others to make sure we are being properly taken care of.

Often, we need others to look out for us when we’re elderly.

No matter how old we are, however, any of us might need someone to look out for us at any moment if we’re suddenly injured or become seriously ill.

Thousands of times a day, something unexpected happens and people are admitted to hospitals, either unconscious or otherwise unable to speak for themselves.

Who looks out for them?

Unless they’ve designated someone as a health care agent, the answer is, nobody can say.

But you can decide who will look out for you by giving any adult your health care proxy. This designation, also known as a medical power of attorney, authorizes an individual to make medical decisions for you—to speak for you and look out for your best interests—so long as you cannot do so for yourself.

No matter how long you’re unable to decide for yourself, your health care agent will be there to look out for your best interests. As soon as you regain consciousness the health care proxy can no longer make those decisions.

Obviously, choosing a health care proxy is a very important decision. Your agent needs to be someone you can literally trust with your life.

MyDirectives.com makes it easy to know the ins and outs of choosing a health proxy. The instructions for creating a universal Advance Digital Directive™ (or, uADD™) will walk you through the process of determining a primary health agent as well as choosing backups in case that person’s not accessible. Your proxy choices will then be notified via email and asked to accept the invitation.

That’s all there is to it.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that, no matter what happens, there will always be someone there to look out for you.