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iDecide.org is a corner of the web that’s here for you to express yourself on the important issue of having a voice in your care.

No one knows your goals of care and who you’d like to speak for you during a health emergency better than you. At iDecide, we invite you to share these stories, the good and the uncomfortable, as we build a community that serves to educate and empower one another to live with confidence by having a voice in our care.

iDecide provides a platform to share news and personal stories that showcase the importance of having a voice in your care and what can happen to ourselves and our families when we don’t.

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We’re transparent about our affiliation with MyDirectives.com – a free solution for storing your Universal Advance Digital Directive (uADD™) or uploading a paper directive, advance care plan or portable medical order (POLST) document that can be accessed 24/7. We believe that every adult should be able to live with confidence knowing that they can have a voice in their care.   MyDirectives is the world’s most widely used digital advance care plan platform and was created by the innovators at Dallas, Texas-based ADVault, Inc.

We hope you join us by sharing links to relevant articles or guest posting with your own related story. If you’re as passionate as we are about ensuring every person has the opportunity to have a voice in their care, feel free to grab a badge and share it on your own site.

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– The iDecide Team