Daily Blast Live: Frontline Doctor Suggests All Patients Have an Advance Care Plan

“I think it’s really important for families at this time where a lot of people are concerned about what’s going on and don’t know what to expect to be honest and have conversations with themselves,” says Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, ER physician at Prince George’s Hospital Center. “And so I’m a big proponent of people having advance care plans and making sure that they talk to their family members about what their wishes would be if there was an emergency.

It was very sobering for me to have to talk my husband about that and say, ‘Look if I go into the hospital and I test positive or if I get sick, this is what I want done, this is how I want to protect our daughters, this is what my wishes would be if there’s a crisis.’

And then document it. You can get advance directives at CDC.gov or use an online platform like MyDirectives that helps to keep everyone on the same page.”