Cheddar News: On the Front Lines of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne of the University of Maryland’s Prince George’s Hospital Center talks to Cheddar News about fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic while being pregnant herself.

“I’d really like to emphasize that in addition to putting ourselves on the line we’re also being prepared for the storm of people that could come and overwhelm our facilities and when that surge arrives we’re often going to have to make important decisions about who to care for what scarce resources like beds and ventilators to use. So, I always emphasize the importance of people having an advance care plan and talking to their loved ones while they’re home to ensure they have an understanding of what you would want done in case you do become acutely ill,” said Dr. Clayborne. “And that’s specifically important so that doctors like me don’t have to be overwhelmed with having to make these difficult decisions if we do indeed become overwhelmed by the number of people that come at one time. So you can go to to fill out advance care plans that are state specific or you can use something like, which is an online platform does the same thing.”