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The New Year

It’s the New Year’s resolution time again… full of promises of new habits, better diets, gym memberships, you name it.

The connection between the New Year and thinking seriously about our health is no coincidence. We often take our health for granted until it declines, or until something happens to a family member or friend that affects us to the point of considering our own situation.

This time, though, let’s do something different… something better. Let’s not just commit to improving our health, let’s also make plans in case of an emergency, an accident or a health crisis. Let’s face it, if there’s a crisis, chances are we won’t know the doctors treating us (probably not the paramedics or nurses either) and we could easily be disoriented or in a state of shock and not thinking clearly.

The easiest thing to do is to name some people (called “Healthcare Agents” or “Medical Proxies”) who know us well and are willing to help make decisions if we can’t. We can also give them, and our future doctors, some insight into what we want, our values and goals and the kinds of decisions we would make if we were coherent and able to communicate (called an “advance care plan” or “advance directive”).

We allow you to do it for free and have the piece of mind to know your wishes can be retrieved in an instant. Encourage your loved ones to do the same – you’re giving them a gift they’ll appreciate for a lifetime.

We invite you to start the New Year by declaring medical directives. Click here to get started and please join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

What Would You Say?

Earlier this season on the show Parenthood, Kristina was diagnosed with cancer.

(If you haven’t watched last week’s episode yet, you may want to stop reading now.)

Last week, complications arose.

Not long after a chemo treatment, while her immune system was suppressed, Kristina was admitted to the hospital with a severe infection. Suffering from septic shock, Kristina faded in and out of consciousness. In one of her moments of awareness, she asked her husband Adam to get her laptop, because she’s saved something for their kids.

Later in the episode, while she’s asleep, we find Adam watching a moving video that she had recorded for their three kids in case the worst happened. Watch it here:

Video messages can be a powerful expression of love left behind to provide clarity and comfort to friends and family, which is why we here at MyDirectives have embraced the increased ease of recording video to ensure your voice can literally be heard if you are otherwise incapable to speak for yourself.

Whether or not you have cancer, have you taken steps to leave a message for your loved ones in case something bad happens? Or have you received a message from a friend or family member? Tell us your story using the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter.