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Samuel’s Story

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<p>My dad's name was Samuel. I thought he hung the sun, the moon, and the stars. He was brilliant and strong and compassionate. When he was diagnosed with Parkinson's it was crushing. My dad lived courageously with the disease for 15 years, getting worse all the time in spite of the medicine but never complaining.  I remember one day early on when he tried to explain to me what it was like just trying to put a sentence together:

Eventually we had to put him in a nursing home. I visited him often and will never forget the day I arrived to join him for dinner and the staff said he hadn’t been hungry so they’d let him sleep.  I didn’t try to wake him, but I sat with him for a while in the dark.  Later (more…)

Kay’s Story

It’s been almost a year since my friend Kay and I had our car accident. We were only two years out of college and had just finished work. Both of our families lived far away so we were “it” for each other. We carpooled often, and that day was her turn to drive. It could have just as easily been me behind the wheel. The light turned green, and we started to cross the intersection. A driver was texting on his phone, ran the red light, and smashed into our car. I have no memory of what happened after that.

People tell me that Kay and I were pinned in the car, and that it took a while for the paramedics to get us to the ER. Kay was in critical condition with a severe head injury, her heart stopped several times, and they had to perform CPR on her.  We both had (more…)