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Hello October, Goodbye Paper!

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October is “Organize Your Medical Information Month” – one of our favorite times of year, at MyDirectives!

Fall has officially begun, and winter is around the corner. With flu season, health insurance open enrollment periods for many, and the new year just ahead, now is an excellent time to organize your medical information.

The best way to organize your medical information is to transition from antiquated paper documents to easily accessible digital versions.

Paper healthcare documents are a thing of the past! They create clutter, are difficult to find when you need them most, and are not easy to update as your circumstances change. This is especially true for advance medical directives. If you haven’t yet created an advance directive, what are you waiting for? It’s free at MyDirectives.com.

With MyDirectives, you can log in from anywhere in the world, any time, to easily update your medical information; you can even do it on the go from your iPhone! Our online tools allow you to outline for yourself, your loved ones and your current or future medical team exactly what your healthcare wishes are. You can even include video messages so family can clearly see and hear your voice and your thoughts.

Say goodbye to paper documents this October, stay healthy this season and live well.

Celebrate Healthy Aging Month!

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When we think of healthy aging, we often think of taking proactive steps to prepare our bodies to age well, with grace and dignity. We exercise, we eat well, we use sunscreen to avoid wrinkles, we start thinking of the best vitamin supplements we need as we transition from our 30’s to our 40’s to our 50’s.

When we think of aging, aside from preparing out bodies, we prepare our financial lives as well. We set up retirement accounts and invest in health and life insurance policies and still yet, not often enough create an advance care plan.

Having an up-to-date digital advance directive is one of the best ways to contribute to a healthy aging process. By creating a directive and discussing your wishes with your family, you free your loved ones from the stress of making uncertain decisions on your behalf if ever they find themselves in the position to do so. Creating an advance directive – accessible online and via your iPhone – makes it easy to share your priorities and values. A state-of-the-art emergency medical care plan can include treatment goals, organ donation preferences and other critical personal information like healthcare agents. Creating an advance directive can ensure that your independence lasts your entire life by clarifying important healthcare decisions for yourself while you are healthy and have the time to consider them fully.

So as we celebrate Healthy Aging Month, we invite you to age with dignity, by creating an advance directive – ensuring your health wishes are documented, known, and honored.